DOUBLE VEG LOVERS BOX WITH CHRISTMAS VEG – Delivering from week commencing 20/12/2021

WEEK COMMENCING 20/12/2021 (weights approx): Potatoes 4kg, Onions 1.50kg , Carrots 2kg, Parsnips 1kg, Brussels Sprouts 800gm, 1 x Swede, Leeks 750gm, Calabrese 600gm Celery, Mushrooms 350gm, 1 x Red Pepper, 1 x Green Pepper,  Sweet Potatoes 500gm,  1 x Celeriac,  1 x Cauliflower,  Spinach 250gm, Tomatoes 500gm, Mixed Salad Bag, Garlic x 2.

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