Meat Boxes

We have kept a number of different organic beef herds over the years, and have settled on cute West Sussex crosses. They are quite inquisitive but still friendly and docile, and like to kick their heels up around their fields, while still keeping an interested eye on what we’re up to. As well as our beef herd, we also keep some weaner Berkshire pigs, who are super cheeky and escape merchants. They live down in the lush grass paddocks by the lake, and enjoy munching on leftover veggies, producing wonderful pork joints, bacon and sausages. We also plan to keep our own chickens for table birds soon, rather than just eggs; and would like to keep sheep too. Meanwhile, we buy in chicken and other meat from local organic producers, to provide a varied choice of meat boxes that are excellent value for money. During the game season (October to February) we can also do a Game Box, full of rabbit, venison, partridge, pheasant, pigeon, hare and duck; most of which is shot on the farm or nearby. Contact us for availability. 

We deliver boxes on Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays, depending on the area: we’ll confirm your delivery day when you place your order.
All payments are processed on Tuesday at 9am, All orders for the week must be placed before 9am.

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