Many customers rave about our eggs, and tell us they’re ‘proper’ eggs, with a proper yellow yolk, and rich taste. This is because they are free to pick and peck at what they fancy, munching on natural proteins and insects hiding in the ground; many caged eggs have their yolks dyed by feed supplements to turn them yellow instead. Add a box of our gorgeous eggs to your order today and see for yourself!


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Purton House Organics is renowned for its extra fresh organic and very free range eggs. Chickens are woodland birds and our hens roam in a hen paradise of agroforestry where are free to pick and peck at what they fancy hidden under bushes and shrubs and acres of green pasture. They spend hours scratching and dust bathing or pecking at veggie left overs from what we sneak them from the packing shed. This is why the yolks are such an amazing colour. They return to their straw filled house to nest for the night and keep them safe from predators. 


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