How to!

A quick start guide on setting up an account on the new website! 

  1. Head over to the my account page, Click home then my account.
    • On this page you will need to register with a new email and password. Once you have entered a username and password you will be directed to your home screen for orders. We will come back to this screen later.
  2. Next we will presume you want to order a Vegetable box, a Meat box and I will show you how to add some bespoke items to your subscription as well.
    1. First the vegetable box;
      Click on shop -> Subscription Boxes -> Vegetable boxes
      Then click add to basket on the one you want.
      You will see this in your basket; In the sidebar and the top menu. 
    2. Next the meat box;
      Click shop -> Subscription Boxes -> meat boxes
      Then select the meat box, now you will notice with the meat box there are 4 different sizes.
      The contents of each is displayed under the size selector.
      Select the size you want to add it to the basket. 
      Your basket will now be updated with a new subtotal and 2 items.
    3. Now we will add a couple bespoke items to our subscription;
      Pretend you would like some pasta and some passata delivered, Click  Shop -> Farmshop -> Larder
      Add the pasta to the basket
      For the passata you could use the search function in the side bar! Also maybe add 2 of them by changing the quantity or adding twice?
      Your basket will have a few items in it, and an upto date subtotal now. 
  3. Confirming your order
    Click the View basket on the right hand side,
    This is everything that will be delivered regularly.
  4. Delivery Frequency needs to be chosen, On the basket page you will be able to select how regularly you want your order, this runs from the next available delivery round. So if you order on Wednesday you will get your first subscription the following week. But if you order on Monday you will get your order on the same week.
    • Please note if you want a meat box once a month and a veg box weekly that will require two separate subscription orders being placed. 
  5. Proceed to checkout page,
    Enter your billing address and shipping address (only if its different from the billing address), Add any notes for delivery.
    Once you enter your postcode you will notice that the shipping options change. 
    • You will be able to select your local delivery round but also have it dropped off at one of the collection points, see Delivery Area for more details.
  6. Proceed to payment, standard paypal experience and your done, You will now receive an email with your order confirmation on it. Your order will be delivered on the day of your round.


  • How does the payment work
    • Payments are taken every Tuesday, and your order will be delivered on the specific day that week. See Delivery Area for details.
  • Adding to an order 
    • Select what item you would like, add it to the basket, and on the checkout page there is an option at the bottom to merge it with an existing order, no need to pay its automatically added to your subscription, the subscription frequency needs to be the same with both the new basket and the existing frequency.
  • I don’t like certain vegetables or meats?
    • Each product has a Special requirements box you can fill in, We will always try and work to reasonable requests but we can’t guarantee it’s always possible. Get in touch if it’s a serious allergy we should know about! 
  • Putting an order on hold or canceling it.
    • Goto the my account details page, on the left hand side there is an overview of your subscriptions, you can pause or cancel them here! 
  • Adding one off items to your order
    • If you place an order on the same account, with the same name and address this will be delivered with your box, Feel free to leave us a note in the delivery instructions if there are any different delivery instructions.
  • I cant add items to my basket/the site isn’t working properly!
    • Please ensure you have an up-to date browser installed and allowed cookies on our site.
      If you still have problems please try refreshing your cookies and cache as files from the old site might still be stored on your computer!
      If you still experience problems please drop us an email via the contact us page, including information on how you are trying to use the site, browser type, mobile or desk top etc!