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January 2020

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2020 is seen as a crucial year for combatting climate and ecological issues.  But let’s focus on the positives – if we tackle this we’ll have a brighter future with healthy food, abundant wildlife and happier animals and people.  Much is  being done at grass roots level – scroll down to find out more! Sustainable Suppliers

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Hobbs House are the first British bakery to become certified under B Corporation, a global movement driving change in society through ethical and sustainable business.  Many of our suppliers are signed up to sustainability schemes – we ourselves have been certified organic since 1997.  Smaller businesses can’t afford accreditation but we choose all our suppliers carefully to ensure high standards.Local Circular Economy

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Hobbs use Shipton Mill flour from Tetbury and it’s also used in Stu’s Sourdoughs and stocked by ourselves in the Farm Shop.  The staff at Shipton are great at supporting small local shops.We like to go local and use Bassett StationeryRouse  and  Ron’s Stores for our stationery and hardware supplies – and we find they’re cheaper than the big guys!
New Eco Products

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At last we have unbreakable steel coffee cups!  Our wholesalers  Essential Trading and Infinity Foods are stocking more Eco products including granny string bags and organic mesh produce bags.  Check out their websites and let us know if you want us to get anything else in.Wet and Muddy on the Farm

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And here are the real heroes, Rowie and the farm team, out in all weathers producing healthy, sustainable food!  It’s been a bit wet…  But we have a solution for our customers – Mud Free Parking!  Just pull up in front of the shop 

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December 2019

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At this time of year we like to say a huge Thank You to all our staff and volunteers and to you, our fantastic customers!  Together we’re building a viable business that provides healthy  food, supports sustainable farming and gives an outlet to small producers who can help re-build a balanced economy.  Watch this space as we evolve even further!Plastic Free Christmas

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Remember soap on a rope?  We have an eco version from a local soap maker as well as refill products in pretty glass bottles, bath salts, mini soaps, bath loofas, bamboo toothbrushes … most for less than a fiver!  Many more gift ideas too and paper or willow baskets to make up hampersKids Chocs and Gift Vouchers

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New – and great stocking fillers!  Fair-trade fairies, elves and farm animal lollies from Cocoa Loco.  And if you’re stuck for ideas, we have gift vouchers this year – £10, £15 or £20 in stock, or ask us for different amountsFresh Produce for Christmas

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Of course, the biggest saving in plastic and food miles is to buy fresh produce direct from local farms!  We’ll be fully stocked up with all our fresh veg, meat and eggs plus bread, dairy, fish, pies, puds and other fantastic treats from local producersExtra Opening Day!We are opening on Monday 23rd December 9 – 5.30pm Tues 24th Open until NoonFri 27th to Sun 29th Open as usualTues 31st Dec Open until NoonThank you for your Support and Merry Christmas All! 

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November 2019

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Apologies for no newsletters recently – normal service has been resumed!  This edition focuses on price and value Supermarket Sweep

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We don’t get out much from the farm so when we visited various supermarkets last week we were horrified to see how much plastic is still in use!  Some loose veg was available but the range was small and all organic veg was still wrapped.  In comparison, this is what ours looks like!

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So what about price?  Our veg boxes are cheaper than a comparable amount of organic veg from supermarkets -and all of theirs is smothered in plastic!  We also found that there wasn’t much of a saving buying loose (non-organic) supermarket veg compared to our organic boxes.  So if you’re trying to save plastic, stick with us and your veg will be cheaper, fresher – and more nutritious into the bargain!Organic Meat

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Organic meat costs more than meat from intensively reared animals because of the extra space needed per animal.  But check out the prices of the single packs above – affordable for excellent quality and taste and you get a lot of meat for your money.A whole roasted chicken lasts me and my husband a week!  To prevent chicken fatigue, we cut up the cooked meat and freeze it so it’s easy to pop into a stir fry later onAnd if you fancy a treat:” I can honestly say the steak I bought the other week from you was exceptional. Great taste, texture, flavour . 10/10″  Stephen Auty
“Your steaks are the absolute best. Thick, juicy and full of flavour” Carole BoundGlass Jar Refill Samples

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Our refill station is gaining popularity and we almost ordered some plastic sample bottles (aargh!)  Then we realised we have plenty of glass jars that can be re-used! So now it’s easy if you want to try any of our refill products – hair, body and cleaning products – we can even give you a ‘sample’ Eco cloth to try!  And, at 50p less than buying in original containers, these eco products really make sense.And the real value?Locally produced food takes care of many of the issues that are not included in the price of mass produced cheap food.  We don’t waste food – the small amount of left over veg goes to our pigs or in the compost to be recycled into the soil.  We also use less packaging as food travels short distances – much of it direct from our own fields!  The network of local food producers is growing as more and more of us want to take action to build a better future, including school children striking about climate change.  

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A friend showed me this scan of her grandchild in the womb – two months before birth!  The photography is amazing and, like David Attenborough’s films on wildlife, shows us life in all its incredible detail.  Something worth fighting for!
Coming Soon!

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Local baker Stuart Gash will be supplying us with his crusty organic sourdoughs from next Friday!  His bread will be freshly baked for us every Friday so let me know if you’d like us to reserve you a loaf.  Don’t forget his delicious Tractor Snacks – his own invention with layers of granola and caramel sandwiched around a crunch of pure chocolate!