New Year, New (Juicy) You!


Purton Lemons

We hope all you newbie Juicers are getting on well with your lush Juicing Boxes (£10 each)! We’re finding that a strong shot of ginger and apple in the morning is doing wonders to fight off the lurgies, and the warming ginger really helps heat us up these cold mornings! The boxes are full of fruit and veg perfect for whacking in your juicers – you could make a wonder-juice with a bit of everything, or split the ingredients up to make a few different juices. For example, this week you could juice up apple and ginger in the morning, followed by a Super-Green juice of chard, kale, courgette, cucumber, pear and lime; then fight the afternoon naughty-cravings with a fruit-tastic orange, lemon and carrot! You’ll be bursting with health and fitness in no time!

Fancy trying a wonderful Juicing Box next week? Simply order one here; or call or email us with your details. We also do Small and Large Fruit Boxes; a range of Veg Box sizes that include roots and staples as well as salady items; plus a Raw Box and a Salad Box. Check out the range here!