New Year Detox!


Hurray for fresh fruit and veg! Rowie is currently in the middle of a juicing detox; she’s following Jason Vale’s 5lbs in 5 Days programme, and some of the juices she’s been enjoying are amazing! Once you’ve had a taste, you simply don’t crave all the naughty things you think you want. We’ve found that many people have been asking for juicing boxes over the last two weeks, and asking for ingredient suggestions: if you’re new to juicing, then try a strong apple and ginger shot instead of an espresso – it’s amazing! Plus you don’t get the caffeine come-down or headache afterwards.

If you’d like to try a Juicing Box for just £10, or to add one to your regular order,  just let us know: we can also make up your own specific juicing requirements as a special order if you let us know what you’d like. We can offer really good deals on orders that use up wholesale amounts of fruit and veg – so if you’re a juice expert and use lots of apples and carrots every day, for example, you can save 25% or more on the regular shop price! Drop us a line with your requirements, and we’ll do our best to help.