Happy Bangers & Bacon

The end of October sees our own pork again in the monthly meat boxes: our Berkshire weaners have started to get rather big now, and so we’re starting to send them off after their happy time with us. Although it’s a bit sad to see them go, they have had the best life imaginable here: a large paddock next to the lake under the horse chestnut trees, where they can roam, snuffle and wallow about together to their hearts’ content; plus all the leftover organic veggies they could wish for. We think it’s really important to make sure any meat we eat has been well cared for and had a full and happy life; and we also think you can really tell the difference in the flavour!

Farmer Rowie and apprentice Dave are also planning to go on a rare breed pig course, so we can stock a range of breeds; which will mean we can expand our range of pork, and have specific breeds for sausages, crackling, bacon and joints. Rowie’s keen to start making our own salami and ham too, so watch this space…

For more information on free range pork and organic welfare standards, check out the Soil Association’s Not In My Banger campaign http://www.soilassociation.org/notinmybanger.