Christmas & New Year Deliveries 2016

WreathChristmas Day handily falls on a Sunday this year, so our veg box deliveries the week before will not be affected; however as every year, we will be closed for the whole week between Christmas and New Year (the Farm Shop will be open for part of this week, check our website for the latest opening times). So because we will not be making any deliveries the week beginning Monday 26th December, weekly customers who would be due the usual box that week will get a double box full of long-lasting veg and treats the week before (week commencing 19th December), full of twice the usual amount of veg, fruit, meat, eggs and any extras to keep you going over the festive period.

If you normally get your box every fortnight and are due a box the week commencing 26th December, you will miss this week and not get your next box until the week beginning 9th January – unless you let us know otherwise (we can either change your fortnight delivery week, or  give you a one-off delivery for Christmas the week beginning 19th December).

If you are a fortnightly customer due a box on the week commencing 19th December and again on the week beginning 2nd January, your deliveries will be unaffected.

If you’d like to make any changes to your Christmas deliveries, please let us know as soon as possible, and by 9am Tuesday 20th December at the absolute latest. Please email, call 01793 772287, fill in our contact form on the website, leave a note in your empty veg box, or pop into the Farm Shop.